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The Larger Context: A Synopsis of What Follows

Greetings Astro-amigos!
The New Year or "Morpheus" Point

The calendar system that much of the world uses considers midnight on the last day of December and the first day of January as the point where the New Year commences. There are other systems that are more "organic" in the sense of being tied to natural cycles but, nevertheless, we do regulate much of our lives around the calendar months in true chronological fashion (using the logos of Chronos or Saturn, the regulator). Of course January first is close to the Winter Solstice, a natural starting point for the year as the light principle starts to wax in the northern hemisphere, but falls about 10 days later, honoring 10 degrees of Capricorn and again this is consistent in sign and numerology for the ruler of Capricorn, the 10th sign, by old Father Time himself, Saturn.


Michael Abbey
Photo by Michael Abbey

I have found that the point of the New Year midnight Sun, around 10 degrees of Capricorn, despite its somewhat arbitrary nature, has a strong impact, perhaps resulting from the attention that so many give it. I have named it the Morpheus Point for the dark Goddess of the Dream, born of Night and Hypnos in the Underworld. Dreams are said to leave the Underworld either by the Gate of Horn or the Gate of Ivory and are thus either enlightening or misleading. Similarly, our ambivalent relation to chronological time can either help us to awaken to our human limits or keep us lost in our busy-ness.

I have been watching closely the transit of planets over this New Year point. The New Year, 1989 -1990, was a major watershed year for many of today's themes of war and peace, including: the retreat of Russian forces out of Afghanistan, the breakup of the USSR, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Savings and Loan scandal (Papa Bush authorized $300 billion and then another $7.8 billion to initiate the war on drugs), the Tiananmen Square massacre, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the Oliver North verdict of guilty in the Iran-Contra scandal, and on the brighter side, the Dalai Lama awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and last but not least, the mysterious appearance of the first crop circles in the U.K.

1990 witnessed transits over this Morpheus Point of many outer planets during the great alignment, including Saturn, Neptune, and with Uranus in close proximity. The 2000 chart that features the close Pluto-Chiron conjunction, like 89-90 involves another major alignment in earth, near May Day. And then there is 2001, which brought the ominous Pluto/Neptune midpoint and Tail of the Dragon here, to the Morpheus Point, (could morphing dragons be involved?) around 9/11. Finally, in 2012 and 2013, as the Mayan Calendar ends, when Pluto, divinity of the Apocalypse (uncovering) is at this critical degree, I think we can expect the masks to come off. Get ready for the coming out party of the Millennium! Among many themes, represented so powerfully in 89-90, I imagine that the calling card of crop circles, perhaps left by extraterrestrials, could be followed by undeniable, widespread contact with our galactic neighbors, and their fantastic technology that has been kept so well hidden by the power elite, which could utterly transfigure our world. (See www.disclosureproject.org). Will the Dreamer awaken or be drawn further into the Nightmare? STAY TUNED!

Intro to the Astrological Weather Report: Introducing the Cosmic Weatherman


My friend, Charlie, asks me why I bother with tracking the planets and their cycles. He doesn't "believe" in astrology and anyway, "What ever will be, will be." My response is, "Why do you watch the weather report each day on TV?" He ponders this a minute and answers, "That's different. The weather report gives me good practical information I can use to plan my day."

"Watching the planets is my way to get a feel for the cosmic weather report," I tell him. "And it is at least as accurate," I jokingly add.

If you take a little time to ponder the similarities between weather as we usually think about it and "astrological weather," I think you will find more connections than first meets the eye or ear. Both figuratively and even literally, astrology can help us get in touch with the "cosmic weather."

The literal connection between astrology and changes in the weather outside our windows is fascinating and complex. Of course we all know how the Moon's phases are related to ocean tides and how the Sun's yearly changes in the angle to the Earth's surface create seasonal changes we call summer, winter, spring, and fall. Scientists are now beginning to appreciate links between weather patterns and planetary movement even though there has been a long standing resistance in the scientific community to anything that even vaguely suggests astrology. (I am going to be writing more about some of the ideas brought up in this column. I am interested in many types of information that connect to astrology, in this case the Greek mythology that may help us better understand why "scientists" do not tend to appreciate astrology.)

The weatherman and the astrologer both talk about larger and smaller changes and they are strongly related. You have no doubt heard of the great ice ages that change the face of our planet Earth over many thousands of years and global weather changes such as the now famous El Nino patterns that may last for many years. We all know and expect the seasonal changes, and then there are the occasional storms and dry spells, bright sunny days and gloomy overcast weather. Most people will say that they are affected by the weather in one way or another. Similarly, the astrological weatherman looks towards planetary and larger cycles and how these cycles tend to affect individuals and larger groups of people. The "Astrological Weather Report" you can read here will relate the cycles of astrological change to the types of energy you may experience on a certain day or week or month.

To get started, lets look at some of the larger patterns and see what "season" we are in on the grand scales. When we talk of "Great Ages" in astrology, we are referring to the 12 approximately 2100 year periods that together make one Platonic Year or about 25,800 years. Caused by what is called the precession of the equinoxes, this extremely long cycle is presently somewhere close to the edge between two signs and is at the basis of why we talk about leaving the age of Pisces and entering the age of Aquarius. We are leaving an approximately 2100 year age with a watery, mutable character and entering one with a fixed, airy character.

There are many ways to recognize the changing ages and like the change between spring and summer, the change is gradual but eventually obvious. For example, in the last part of the 20th century, many observers started noticing changes related to the symbolic difference between Pisces, a sign that puts more store on intuition and faith, and Aquarius, a sign that emphasizes scientific proof. The rise of modern science and especially the forms of technology and instrumentation sometimes referred to as the "computer age" which has brought amazing transformation in recent years, is strongly connected symbolically to the age of Aquarius.

Some astrologers suggest that we are not only at the end of one Great Age but perhaps at the end of a complete 25,800 year cycle! The ancient Central American Maya astrology and calendar system points to the years 2011-12 as this ending/beginning time, putting us close to a new season so monumental that we need call on a deep racial memory to even begin to comprehend its amazing implications.

Of course, we have all just witnessed the passing of a new century and millennium, which does not always coincide with major astrological cycles, but can be counted on to be heavily laden with numerological and other forms of symbolic meaning, as we just witnessed in the Y2K phenomenon. Astrology assigns a great deal of importance to the very first instant of a cycle and so the chart for our new millennium is something of a blueprint for our next century and 1000 year period.

With these very large seasons of astrological weather as a backdrop, let us return to something closer to home - to the planets. Each planet has its own time that it takes to circle the Sun (or in the case of the Moon, to circle the Earth) and so there are cycles or seasons related to the planets from the daily spin of the Earth to the monthly period of the Moon, the solar year of the Sun and inner planets, out to the roughly 250 year orbit of Pluto. Since we are mainly working with geocentric astrology here, we take the Earth-based perspective that views the relationship between the planets (which then includes the Sun and Earth's Moon) and the angles they make relative to the Earth.

My friend, Charlie, would want to stop and remind me at this point, "Placing the Earth as central is a primitive view of the solar system", but I might answer, "We are not saying that the Sun actually goes around the Earth, but that from the perspective of a person on the Earth, it is experienced this way. When you get up in the morning do you refer to it as a time of sunrise or of earth-rotating-towards-sun?" Do you have a friend like Charlie? I love him a bunch. He is a Leo and probably takes it as a personal mission to let everyone know that the Sun is the center of the universe, er . . ., I mean center of the solar system.

While each planet has its cycle, the amount of time between the meetings of any two planets is also very important because it marks the beginning of a new cycle for these two energies. Alignments involving several planets are even more notable in that they emphasize one section of a person's natal chart, but also because they mark the beginning of several of these new cycles at one time. The major alignment in the month of May, 2000, is a good example. With so many planets meeting in the sign of Taurus, we were all challenged in whatever part of our charts where Taurus was residing, (see transits), and it also gives a flavor of Taurus to each of the planetary cycles involved. In the case of Jupiter and Saturn, which were major players in the May, 2000, alignment, since it takes about 20 years between their meetings or conjunctions, the next 20 years will be especially charged with Taurus' fixed, earthy energy in the realms represented by these two solar system giants.

Jupiter/Saturn cycles are extremely significant to astrologers for many reasons, not the least of which is that they are the two most massive planets in our solar system and their conjunctions and oppositions are highly related to major changes in the weather of both varieties, inner and outer.

Moving from very long periods of time to shorter ones, the Sun's yearly cycles and the Moon's cycles and dramatic phases are especially relevant to astrological weather.

We plan on offering an occasional cosmic weather report on this site. Please let me know what you think of this approach and format. Enjoy the weather!


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